C4 – Poland

The activity will take place in Jasło, Poland and will last 5 days. At this activity will participate 30 pupils and 10 teachers divided in 4 groups, as for each group will be pupils and teachers from different countries. The programme includes various activities connected with the project issues: cultural heritage, history, crafts and science as well. They were also chosen in accordance with the pupils’ age, needs and interests. Pupils will work together or in small international groups, so they will have the opportunity to meet each other well, cooperate, practise social, language and mathematical skills. While carrying out tasks, pupils will be supported and supervised by their teachers. During the classes we will use modern methods of teaching (TIK). Some of the activities will take place outdoors which seems beneficial because of teenagers needs and preferences.

Polish school welcomes all the partners: Poland school presentation

July 2020: Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the meeting in Poland will no longer take place. The Polish partner school decided to withdraw from the project on August 2020, when it was the original final term of this project.