C3 – Romania

The activity will take place in Galati, last 5 days and had cultural trips and workshops on different themes related with Romanian UNESCO cultural heritage, Romanian science, culture, traditions, folklore.

At these activities participated 30 pupils and 12 teachers divided in 6 groups, as for each group will be pupils and teachers from different countries. Pupils have been guided through the tasks using the storyline as is written in this Board Journal, presented in the beginning of the meeting in the first day at host school.

All the math tasks were related to famous inventors from Romania, the Romanian UNESCO sites like Delta Danube or Primeval Beech forest from Șinca, traditional food like sarmale and cozonaci, and historical figure of Vlad Țepeș also known as Dracula: Romanian math tasks

Pupils and teachers involved became familiar with the Romanian UNESCO cultural heritage, history, traditions, folklore or traditional food. At the end of the activity the guests have knowledge about the Romanian educational system and the curriculum related to the STEAM area targeted in this project.

Romania meeting program  

Day 1
Monday 30 september 2019

Yesterday everyone arrived in Galati. We were all very excited for this week. This morning we all saw each other at the Constatin Gh. Marinescu school. It was a warm welcome. All the students and a lot of teachers were wearing traditional clothes. In the multi media room we all came together to introduce ourselves. The director welcomed us and we all received a nice bag with presents and an Erasmus+ t-shirt. All the children were devided in different groups and went to the gym to watch some traditional dances performed by the students of the Romanian school. At the end we all danced together. That was a lot of fun.
We visited the primary classes and did some activities together with the children from the school. After this activities we went for a very nice lunch. There was some traditional food. After that there was time to play together and to learn to know each other better. In the afternoon we visited the National Science museum and the Botanical garden. In both we solved some math tasks. Together we walked back to school and there we visited the secundary classes. All children enjoyed it very much. The children that went to families left with the parents. The children that stayed in the hotel went back with the teachers. The teachers had a teachersmeeting and afterwards we went for dinner.

Magisto movie made by the Dutch team during their visit to beautiful Romania! Day 1


Day 2
Tuesday 1 October 2019

Today we started the day very early. Teacher’s and the children that are staying in the hotel gathered at 5.30 in font of the bus and than we went to pick the rest of the pupils. Host families arrived with the kids before 6am and at 6am we where all together ready to continue our Romanian adventure.

Schedule for today was to get to Murighiol and to explore Uzlina channel and Uzlina lake so we had a long trip in front of us. After few hours of driving with the bus we finally came to Murighiol where we took the boat and divided in 4 groups and 4 boats we started our water adventure.

We enjoyed in beautiful nature, sounds of the nature, all sorts of different kind of the birds, fresh air and part of the Danube river. After few hours of this wonderful water pleasure we had lunch in the restaurant by the river. Surroundings was wonderful, all around of us beautiful flowers and green grass so after the lunch we went outside, in the garden to resolve math tasks.

Tasks were connected with the UNESCO protected Danube Delta and Romanian beech forests. After we had a winner group of the day (in resolving the tasks) we went back on the boat and started our journey to go back to Galati.

Magisto movie made by the Dutch team during their visit to beautiful Romania! Day 2


Day 3
Wednesday 2 October 2019

Another exciting sunny project day in Romania started with a trip to an etnographic museum Vatra cu Dor. In this interesting place project participants had a real lesson of folk history and local customs. We could not only see and touch numerous objects connected with the rural life but also admire sophisticated colourful patterns on beautiful shirts, jackets and table clothes or napkins. The guide explained the meanings of floral and animal symbols to us and also showed us how to make pottery items. Everybody could taste delicious homemade local donuts called gogosi and learm how to dance traditional dances. Finally there was time for putting on symbolic masks and taking photos. We had a lot of fun looking at each other and trying to guess who the people in masks were Afterwards we went to a charming restaurant hidden in the beautiful park and had lunch there. In the afternoon we spent a lovely time in another park. After a short visit to a fishing museum we watched an incredible music performance of local songs and dances. It was a really amazing experience. After that there was a treasure hunt and another challenge for the students to show their skills, abilities and talents. The tasks weren’t easy so the competition was very hard but everybody had a great time while solving project tasks in the fresh air. We came back to Galati a bit tired but happy and full of new experiences.
This wonderful day finished with the common dinner in which teachers, parents and students attended. This time, however, not the food was the most important but chatting to new friends, sharing experiences, opinions and phone numbers as for the foreign teenagers it was the last evening in Galati.

Magisto movie made by the Dutch team during their visit to beautiful Romania! Day 3


Day 4
Thursday 3 October 2019

Today we travelled by bus for several hours. After the great farewell party with students, host parents and school yesterday night, this morning we left Galati very early for Gura Homorului. During this long trip we have had the opportunity to observe the Romanian landscapes changing, from the long corn plains to its forests in the mountains, we have seen its typical houses with sloping roofs and some details of the people’s life along the roads we crossed. Even the weather changed from a warm temperature to an autumnal atmophere.
After lunch, we visited the Voronet Monastery. Here we lived a religious moment reciting the Our Father each country in own language. Then we went to visit Humor Monastery. Both monasteries are UNESCO heritage, both are totally covered of wonderful frescoes. Then, after a fast shopping of souvenirs, we gone on our trip for Sighisoara. Students spent their time in the bus chatting each other, listening music and sleeping. In the evening we arrived at the hotel very tired, ready for the dinner and, finally, for relaxing!

Magisto movie made by the Dutch team during their visit to beautiful Romania! Day 4


Day 5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Friday 4 October 2019

The last day of the Romanian meeting started in Sighișoara, visiting the historic centre, a beautiful medieval citadel – UNESCO site, starting from the Clock Tower, through the Citadel Square and the Covered Square till the school and the church on the hill and back passing by the Tinsmiths’ Tower and the Tanners’ Tower. After that the students solved math tasks and we get again on the bus for visiting the other UNESCO sites on the way to Bucharest. First we saw the fortified church from Saschiz and then we made a long visit to Viscri – a beautiful village included with its fortified church in the UNESCO heritage. Next stop was at Bran Castle, where we found the name of the criminal from the storyline of this meeting. Of course it was Dracula, don’t you think? The trip finished in Bucharest, where after dinner teachers and students altogether found which were the best detectives of this project meeting. The five members of the green team, one student for each country, received badges and all students received diplomas for their participation at solving the Romanian UNESCO crime.

Magisto movie made by the Dutch team during their visit to beautiful Romania! Day 5


Evaluation Exchange Romania Anouk Harpe en Harriët van Sprang

Magisto movie made by the Dutch team during their visit to beautiful Romania! Day 6, return to the Netherlands


Here is a video-journal of the Romanian big adventure made by the Italian partner: