C2 – Italy

The activity took place in Sambuca di Sicilia, last 5 days and had 30 pupils and 10 teachers participating. All activities was done all together or in small mixed groups to encourage the dialogue and the known each other’s. The methodology was based on an informal education through the game (energizer and building games), outdoor activities about math, art, sport and music, educational visits and official moment of reflection. The activities carry out in the school, but also the planned outdoor activities were included in the scholastic program.

Each participant have knowledge about the Italian educational system and the curriculum related to the STEAM area targeted in this project and about Italian UNESCO cultural heritage. The program was as following: program Italy

This is Sambuca of Sicily


Day 1
Monday 25th of March 2019
Last weekend all schools arrived in Sambuca di Sicilia. We are very excited to start this second exchange! When we arrived to the school we saw the entrance with all our flags. Italy organised a beautiful welcome program so we directly felt like home. Every country had prepared a small presentation to introduce themselves. We all got the Erasmus+ t-shirt with a some very nice welcome-presents. Also each country brought a ‘thank-you’bag from each country.After the presentations we had a little break and then we went outside for the second part of the welcome program. The whole school was there and all groups had prepared different kinds of acts for us. It was very nice!
We had a buffet in a very nice palace. After the lunch, we could rest for a bit and we went back to school. There were some different workshops: math lab – logical lab – ceramic lab – puzzle lab. We had a great first day and we are looking forward to the next one!

Day 2
Tuesday 26th of March 2019
Today we went to explore old City Agrigento. First we have visited Valley of the Temples,  best preserved archaeological sites of Greek civilization and that was amazing. We saw temple of Greek Gods Zeus, Hera , Jupiter and Hercules where we have done math laboratory. Later we went to see interior of the Green Parc Kolymbetra,  park with more than 1500 plants, where we have done pottery workshop. During the lunch we tasted Italian specialities and after we went sightseeing  Scalle dei Turchi, stone made trough years by the sea power  where we did another math laboratory. Trough whole day our kids spent unforgettable time and we want to thank to our host for this wonderful day.

Day 3
Wednesday 27th of March 2019
Today was the third day of our fabulos exchange. In the morning, during art workshops, we made ancient column of carton. After that, we played volleyball and football, which was really exciting to us. In the afternoon we had delicious lunch altogether. After lunch, while we were painting on the plot wonderful sights from yesterday’s trip , one of the Italian teachers was playing the guitar. The atmosphere was marvelous. In spite of being at school all day and bad weather, we really had great time together.

Day 4
Thursday 28th March 2019

The fourth day was full of visits to UNESCO sites: we started with the Cathedral from Monreale, where we found a beautiful byzantine architecture, from which ceiling Gesu Cristo Il Pantocratore is looking to each visitor. Then we arrived in Palermo, where we visited the Palazzo Reale, Capella Palatina, the Cathedral of Palermo and students had to resolve some mathematical tasks. After that we enjoyed the visit to Antonio Pasqualino International Puppet Museum. The students had an workshop where they learned to make shields for puppets costumes and then they tried to manage the puppets. After that we all enjoyed a short spectacle with puppets, the famous UNESCO cultural heritage Teatro di Puppi. It was a long, but beautiful day, when we meet sicilian history and art.

Day 5
Friday 29th March 2019

Already the fifth and the last day of this wonderfull mobility in Italy. We started with a nice walk in Sambuca. Because of the rain a few days before, we couldn’t, and now was the best time. We saw the beautiful things Sambuca has to offer like the church, a very nice and old theater and some other sights. After the walk we were brought to Planeta, a very big winery in de surrounding and the local cheese farm, were we had a tour.
After this we went had a little break so we could rest and enjoy the sun for a bit. In the afternoon Italy had organised a seminar for all the parents, students and other involved. We presented our experiences and we looked back at a wonderfull week. After the seminar we went to the big square and were we saw a beautiful folk show. Last but not least we got surprised by a very good dinner in the pizzeria in Sambuca, were we said goodbye to all the involved.