Scoala Gimnaziala ”Constantin Gh. Marinescu” is located in the central area of Galati, Romania. Our town, Galati, is situated in the south-east part of Romania, on the banks of the river Danube, close to UNESCO heritage Danube Delta. Founded in 1973 as Scoala nr. 2 Galați, operating under this title until 2012, when it took the name of the academician with Galatian origins, with a rich theoretical and scientific activity in the field of ecology, medicine, society, our school has evolved continuously. It now has 15 classrooms with computers connected to Internet and video projectors, labs for Physics-Chemistry, Biology, Geography, ICT, a library with over 21000 volumes, a gym and a sport terrain.  

Our school has 650 pupils aged 3 to 15 years, organized into 4 kindergarten classes, 14 primary school classes and 11 classes of secondary education. Kindergarten and primary classes go to school in the morning and secondary classes go to school in the afternoon. Most of our pupils live in the city but we also have pupils who live in the residential area or in the countryside.

Our pupils come from various social, economic and family environments, which translates into the variety of their school results. We have students with excellent results in national evaluation, students awarded at national or international school contests, but also students on the verge of school abandonment. Most of the last ones end up in this situation amid emotional problems caused by the lack of parents in their lives, whether they belong to single-parent families, whether one or both parents are going to work abroad.

The key values promoted by our school are equal opportunities for all, tolerance, respect, flexibility, responsibility and professionalism.

We present all the activities related to the Erasmus+ project „STEAM Time – Solve UNESCO Crime” on our school’s website on a dedicated section.