Poland’s results

The Primary School No 12 part of the Complex of Urban Schools No 3 in Jaslo, Poland – local activities and results for the implementation and dissemination of the Erasmus+ project STEAM Time – Solve UNESCO Crime.

At the beginning of the project the Polish partner made up a presentation of their school, which is available on the project’s website: Poland school presentation

The competition World Space Week Junior Rover Cup

a 5-person team from our school called The Warriorstook part in a nationwide competition – STEAM skills development.

The first stage involved planning and describing the Martian mission and preparing a multimedia presentation. In the first stage of the competition, the participants’ task was to design the mission of the rover on Mars. Twelve teams were qualified to the second stage of the competition.

The second stage consisted of assembling and programming the robot. The teams which were qualified to the second stage received sets of Lixbot Racer Robot Arduino Uno Racer Robot. By means of the received set, the teams built a mobile Martian rover (on the basis of the attached instructions) and installed sensors available in the set. They familiarized themselves with the mBlock environment for programming in Scratch and programmed the rover and its sensors so that it could work. In addition, they have prepared programs that will allow for final drives.

The third stage of the final competition took place in Wrocław on December, 12th, 2018 and the teams performed in front of the final commission.

The first task assigned for the teams was to drive the black line route on the Martian platform. The teams that performed the task flawlessly, proceeded to task 2.

The second task: The rovers had to drive on the designated tracks on the Martian platform with the use of sensors detecting obstacles. The best three teams were admitted to task 3 – the final.

The third task: The rovers had to present the operation of the previously unused sensors included in the set and they completed the final ride according to the commission’s instructions.

The Warriors team took 1st place.

Competition “Croatia”

A 5-person team from the school took part in a competition concerning the history, geography and nature of Croatia. The students prepared a presentation about the geography of Croatia, in which they used photos from their stay in this country during the meeting Erasmus+. Thanks to that presentation they qualified for 10 best teams in the voivodeship. In the next stage the students hat to do a writing test and  they won the 4th place.


The participation in the educational trip to Toruń, the city which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the walk around the city the students saw the Crooked Tower, Nicolaus Copernicus House, St. John’s Cathedral, the Old Town Square with its Gothic Town Hall and the Copernicus Monument, the ruins of the Teutonic Castle. During this trip the Erasmus project participants also had the opportunity to visit Łódź.  On October 31, 2017, Łódź was accepted into the Network of Creative Cities of UNESCO as the City of Film. In this modern city they admired e.g. the avenue of cinema stars, the rose avenue, the gallery of sculptures of famous residents, the historic buildings from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the empire of Izrael Poznanski – the most popular of the factory owners of Jewish origin.

Erasmus + Corner – a place was prepared in the central part of the school to promote and disseminate activities related to the implementation of the project. Some recreational furniture and shelves were purchased. On the walls photographs showing the mobility activities and works of students taken during the mobility were hung.

After the mobility in Romania, from 30 September to 4 October 2019, the Polish team wrote an article for a local newspaper. 

Due to the pandemic situation the Polish school decided to withdraw from the project in July 2020, even if the other 4 schools decided to prolonge the project for one more year.

Still, they’ve been prepared for the mobility in Jaslo, Poland with maths tasks including the Polish UNESCO heritage.

Math tasks Poland