The Primary School No 12 is part of The Complex of Urban Schools No 3 in Jaslo which consists of 2 schools: primary school and junior high school. Nowadays almost 300 pupils aged 7 to 14 attend this school. The school is in the largest and the most modern one in Jaslo with big classrooms, laboratories and a variety of modern facilities.

The building is fully adjusted to the needs of disabled pupils: there is a special drive, a toilet and a cloakroom for children in wheelchairs. The disabled pupils are looked after by assistant teachers and their work is based on special schemes, prepared individually in accordance with their deficiency. Nowadays, there are 14 classes in our primary school.

The school offers lots of extra-curriculum activities and pupils belong to numerous clubs or organizations, so they can extend their knowledge, improve skills and develop abilities.  Although the school is the youngest of primary schools in the town, we can take pride in our achievements in school, interscholastic or regional competitions.

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