Netherlands’s results

Primary school De Wegwijzer ,Tilburg, Netherlands – local activities and results for the implementation and dissemination of the Erasmus+ project STEAM Time – Solve UNESCO Crime.

After the first meeting in Croatia, from 5 to 9 November 2018, the project team made up a short movie describing their experience:

Also, some of the teachers in the Netherlands school  worked hard to solving the Croatian Math tasks.

The students participating to the first mobility made their personal exchange evaluation. They have written their texts  in Dutch so you can possibly practice your language skills 🙂

Kroatië evaluatieverslag Julia

Kroatië eindverslag Juul

Kroatie eindverslag Laura

Kroatië evaluatie Mike

Kroatië evaluatie Nikki

Kroatië eindverslag Sven

After the second meeting in Italy, from 25th till the 29 of March 2019, the student have written their experiences in Dutch:

Italië Evaluatie Bente

Italië  Evaluatie Denise

Italië Evaluatie Eliza

Italië Evaluatie Maud

Italië Evaluatie Elisa

Italië Evaluatie Finley



Solving Italian Math-tasks in the Netherlands.

A short experience from one of our teachers who joined the mobility in Italy:

In preparation for this trip I studied Italianso  I could communicate a little bit with our Italian colleagues and the localsMobility to Italy has really been an added value for me. I wanted to know more about the culture, I did learn this by fully opening up to the customs and habits. We have participated in the daily method of educationfocused on different levels. The math assignments had a link with cultural heritagewhich made it meaningful every time. In some areas it took some getting used to the Italian culture, for example dealing more flexibly with agreements and times, but we learned from that too. The guidance of our children was also a successencouraging them to engage in conversation and learning with the children of the different countriesFriendships have developed and our students have learned a lot from this mobility on a personal level. What more do you want!

The exchange to Romania was the thirth exchange in our project STEAM time-Solve UNESCO crime.

Of course we made a lot of pictures and movies in beautiful Romania.

The evaluations the pupils and the teachers made after the exchange:

Evaluation Exchange Romania Anouk Harpe en Harriët van Sprang

Evaluatie Roemenië Bailey

Evaluatie Roemenië Niels

Evaluatie Roemenië Veerle

Evaluatie Roemenië Lars

Evaluatieverslag Roemenië Manon

Evaluatieverslag Roemenië Vána

Our project is mentioned in the Erasmusplus Newsletter! Click on the link below and enjoy.

To dessiminate the project STEAM time in the schools belonging to the management board Xpect Primair, we made a SWAY presentation: http://ERASMUS+ “We hebben het nog nooit gedaan dus we denken dat we het wel kunnen” Ga naar deze sway

12 January 2021.

The Dutch National Agency has included an interview about the project STEAM time-Solve UNESCO crime in its annual magazine.
The title of the interview is: “We plant a seed for the rest of their lives”. It’s written in Dutch.