Primary school De Wegwijzer is situated in Tilburg, Netherlands. Our school has about 300 pupils, aged 4 to 12 years, organized in 3 kindergarten groups, 3 groups for children from 6 to 8 years, 3 groups for children from 8-10 years, 3 groups for children from 10-12 years and 1 group for children with very special needs. Our team has 23 teachers, 4 teachers in training, 1 internal supervisor education and 1 director. Our school population is changing but most parents are well educated. 35% of our pupils live in a separated family.

 Our core values are Respect, Wonder, Trust, Forgiving, Connection, Growth and Clarity.  

In the past our school was internally focused. This changed when we changed our mission and vision and renovated our schoolhouse. At the moment we donated our school furniture and we started a collaboration with the Kralja Zvonimira school in Croatia. We experienced a lot of enthusiasm by our teachers, pupils and parents. We want to learn our pupils to participate in the society and learn them to be a European citizen. Learning life long together is one of our goals. Our pupils are very interested in the world around them and we use technology to let them participate.