Istituto Comprensivo “Fra Felice da Sambuca” is situated in a little town in Sicily, the island in the middle of Mediterranean. It is rich of history and cultural heritage, close to Palermo with its Aran-Norman path and the Greek Temple’s Valley of Agrigento, both UNESCO places. Also, our town testifies the different dominations in Sicily through their monuments: the Arab quarter, the Norman monuments, the Greek Punic archaeological area, but also the theatre, the museums of pictures, textile sculptures and sacred art. Just because we live in this historical place, we believe in the beauty and in the value that the culture brings in a place. Around Sambuca, there are natural reserves, many wineries, oil mills and cheese farms that they contribute to enhancing our cultural heritage. 

Our school is a primary and secondary school. We have about 400 pupils from 6 to 14 years old including about 30 pupils with special needs and about 50 teachers. In our school music has a special place, but we conduct also many projects about theatre, sport, legality, languages, art, etc.