Primary School Kralja Zvonimira is situated in small place, Seget Donji, few kilometres from UNESCO town Trogir. We belong to the part of Croatia called Dalmatia and our whole area was born on the Adriatic coast. We have very rich and powerful history and stories from 7th century which are still alive in our songs and between our citizens. 
Our school counts around 300 pupils and 50 people of personal staff. In that number we are also counting our regional school in small village called Ljubitovica (there we have 27 pupils). Kids in our school are from age 7 to 14 and we have grades from 1 to 8. Education is conceived trough subjects (Croatian, math, English, music, art, biology, etc) and our pupils get number marks trough whole year for their learning success. Special attention has been dedicated to the subjects from which every year weaker the worse results, the preterm and the embarrassing emotions toward them, and the basic knowledge and skills in math, English, geography and history spiced trough the national UNESCO protected heritage.